Steps of Protecting Your Personal Energy during Vibrational Shift – Signs That You Are Experiencing One of That Kind

Steps of Protecting Your Personal Energy during Vibrational Shift – Signs That You Are Experiencing One of That Kind

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Currently, a lot of people are experiencing a major shift in consciousness as we undergo our own spiritual awakening, find our true purpose, as well as realize our potential as spiritual beings. We are also facing a very serious cosmic shift, and during this period, some people will feel a lot more sensitive than normal. If you are one of them, you may need to work on protecting your personal energy.

In metaphysical terms, we experience a global shift to a higher vibration. You, as an individual, play a big part in this master shift, as you have a divine, as well as ever-present connection to the Universe. Your shift in consciousness will permit the heavy energy on Earth to dissipate further, revealing a truly beautiful reality behind the veil.

And, when it comes to protecting your personal energy, there are several different things which you can do, and the one that works best is light meditation. It is something that you can do on a daily basis. If you feel overwhelmed or anxious when you are trying to go about your normal day, this shift will take a serious toll on you.

Below, we are going to present you eight signs which indicate that you may be experiencing a vibrational shift:

1. You have the wish to give up harmful habits.

Here, you start realizing that you cannot become your best self with toxic substances or people weighing you down. You will also discover that drugs, alcohol, junk food, as well as abusive relationships and too much time around technology are severely going to deplete your energy.

You will be interested in feeding your body lighter, as well as nutrient-rich foods, and stay away from negative people. You may also become sensitive to the radioactivity within phones, computers, TVs and so on

2. The world no longer makes sense for you.

You may start seeing all the things around you as meaningless and harmful to the greater purpose you have found in life. You become disinterested in material items, shopping, eating out, as well as doing the “normal” things others do. You may also start finding more solace and meaning in nature, exploring your creativity.

3. Heavy emotions will come to the surface.

A lot of people think that spiritual awakening means an immediate removal of all the heavy energies, as well as a sudden transformation from a deep slumber to true enlightenment. However, a spiritual journey involves constant fluctuations as karmic energy come to the surface and you work to rid your energy body of those experiences, as well as emotions.

4. You want to spend more time on your own.

You have become ultra-sensitive to other energies, and sometimes being around others drains your own energy. You would like to spend some time exploring your creativity, as well as developing a relationship with yourself.

5. You would like to change jobs or even careers.

One of the largest transformations which people can go through during a vibrational shift is longing to get out of their job from currently, and into one who fulfills their true purpose. A lot of people even start their own businesses as life coaches, Reiki masters, or healers of some kind. They cannot spend another second in a soul-crushing when they know that they came here for a greater purpose.

6. You have a strong necessity to explore your individuality.

As you go through the process of spiritual awakening, you are going to have an unrelenting desire to detach from limiting belief systems, as well as explore your philosophies more. You may also feel isolated and alone at times, and you may probably find that your new values are in severe disagreement with the “norm,” and your newfound craving to walk your own path is going to lead you far away from mainstream ideas.

7. You live in the now.

You realize that the only time that we have is now and that the past and the future are just illusory concepts. With living in the now moment, you realize that you can actively create your future in the present moment, inspire of waiting for it to come to you.

8. You understand that you influence on your own reality.

You start realizing that all your life, you unintentionally helped create every kind of experiences you had up until now. Now, you know that you can create your reality consciously, as well as bring about the experiences you want to have. You also start taking on full responsibility for your emotions, as well as experiences, and actions.

Here, we will also present you the six steps for protecting your personal energy:

  • Step 1: Stop and breathe.

You should be aware of your breathing. Don’t hesitate to sit back and relax. Sometimes, removing ourselves from some situation at hand will not be a bad thing.

  • Step 2: Be more mindful.

You should be as in the moment as possible. Stop worrying too much about tomorrow or the things from the past. Stop spending time with negative people. Make room in your life for the right decisions.

  • Step 3: make more Meaningful connections.

You should surround yourself with people that care about you. Don’t let people that are going to bring you down stay in your life. Build some real connection with people that will help you and support you in the long run.

  • Step 4: Practice white light meditation.

While meditating, envision white light surrounding you and your energy. This light is going to protect you and permit you to keep your energy from being drained by those around you. One you have done this, you will feel a lot better.

  • Step 5: Spend more time in nature.

It would be better if you spend more time in nature. This is going to help keep you grounded. You are also going to feel more at ease and able to process the energies before you.

  • Step 6: Use your affirmations.

You should come up with some kind of daily affirmation which will help push you to where you have to be. This is also going to be something for you to recite when you feel like things are not going as they are supposed to. It is going to help get you through your day if you let it.

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