Using Reiki Crystals On Yourself And Others

Using Reiki Crystals On Yourself And Others

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Reiki Crystals

We would be talking about something different, something real, something that would help someone when used, and wouldn’t remain solely behind the pages of a comic book; that something is Reiki crystals.

What are Reiki crystals?

Basically, they are stones of different color, usually conforming to the 7 chakras that form our spiritual self.

These stones help in healing them and balancing the positive negative energy that out spirituality gives off. This is, in a way, a bezoar. But they are real, and they work.

Using them isn’t much of a hassle, for anyone with a slight knowledge of the chakras, would know where to place the stones for the individual to benefit him/her the most.

Usually, they are used under extreme circumstances, when conventional medicines fail, and belief reigns supreme; yet, they are not religious dogma and have served their weight in gold.

Firstly, choose a quiet place for your shenanigans with these. Place a mat, or a bed, where you can lie down and not be disturbed in any form. Stillness is the key. Next, put the stone, which is red in color, on the base of your spine.

The orange crystal goes to your navel, while the yellow crystal above your navel. The green one, which is for the heart chakra, would be placed on your chest.

The blue one, for the throat chakra, would be placed on your neck, and the indigo one, used for the third eye, would be placed on your forehead. Finally, the purple or white stone is placed above your head on a mattress, for the crown chakra.

Never forget that the crystals need to be cleaned up, after every energizing ritual. Also, if you are a regular in these Reiki stones, you can also use it to energies you, and people around on a regular basis, with efficiency, and swiftness.

If you are using crystals with Reiki symbols, place the right crystal on the affected area. The best crystal for pain and physical conditions is the Cho Ku Rei.

The general meaning of Choku Rei is: “Place the power of the universe here“. This power symbol is used to increase or decrease power (depending on the direction in which it is drawn). Its intention is the light switch, representing its ability to illuminate or enlighten spiritually. Power comes in different forms with cho ku rei. You can use our Cho Ku Rei Reiki Pendulum as a catalyst for physical healing, cleansing, or purification. It may also be used to focus one’s attention.


Via Conscious Reminder re-posted with permission.

Image Credit: Shutterstock (licensed by SOS)/By Nikki Zalewski

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