Today Is November 11 — Get Ready For The Most Powerful Manifesting Day Of The Decade!

Today Is November 11 — Get Ready For The Most Powerful Manifesting Day Of The Decade!

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One astrological event will occur on 11/11/2019. The event will happen during the Mercury Retrograde.

This phenomenon is similar to the Solar Eclipse; just Mercury will be the center.

The planet Mercury needs to move backward. This will be done in retrograde motion so that the aim will be perfect conjunction with the Sun. This process is defined as occultation.

ABC claims that this event happens only 13 times in a century.

The perfect positioning of two celestial bodies, precise alignment on a high level that the body passes over the other, is called occultation. The best example of this event is when the Moon in one moment perfectly covers the blue star Regulus.

This event is given as an example because Regulus is the closest star that is bright. So, people living on the Earth can perfectly see the phenomenon with a naked eye. On Monday, be ready to watch this rare event.

The opportunity to be the witnesses of such a phenomenon will be the people living in the regions of America, western Asia, Africa, and Europe.

As it is marked, the last time when the Moon totally covered the bright star was on 08/11/2006. And, the next time that it is expected to happen is on November 13, 2032.

Astrological Interpretation

Heliocentric nodes are defined as locations on the ecliptic where the planet always matches the belt of the zodiac. During the rotation, the planets are out of their belt most of the time. Every planet has its path according to which it should move around the Sun.

So, each planet has one particular point on the belt where it meets the zodiac. These points, heliocentric nodes are expressing the meaning of the planet and revealing some hidden characteristics.

Because the heliocentric nodes of Mercury are located in Scorpio and Taurus, you can be 100% sure that Mercury’s occultation will occur in the Scorpio season, to be precise in November. It means that the characteristic of Scorpio/ Taurus will be more visible.

Scorpio represents emotional energy. It will reveal all the hidden things, searching only the truth.

The Mercury retrograde in Scorpio and the body of our mental health exposes thinking, the emotions are intense, passionate. Meanwhile, we need to face the things that we don’t want to.

Destiny requires us to face the emotions that are deep inside us. To confront everything that has been built up. We can also neglect within ourselves and entirely clean and move into a condition of freedom, without fear and free from anxiety and stress.

The results can also be an emotional release, elimination of the fear, free from anxiety, and without twisted subconscious. No matter if people succeed in the elimination of the fear or not, the Scorpio season offers another relief.

A perfect occultation will cement energy in our mental state. Because Mercury is not subconscious, the results of this event will be quite visible. In our mental state, these movements will bring intense emotions and facing the truth.

The Scorpions will be blessed with spirituality, imaginative and music-loving vibe. The Scorpios will feel good, and they can face their emotions and eliminate negative personas. Meanwhile, the Sun and Mercury will also bring another positivity to the Scorpios. They will be able to face the truth.

November 11, 2019 – Perfect Ritual

Elements needed:

  • Paper/ notebook
  • Pen/pencil
  • Envelope
  • Candles


You need to find one place where you think is suitable to light up your candles. Once you feel comfortable in one place, take a breath, ad meditate a little bit. When you finish your meditation, you can start to take notes.

As a suggestion, you can start with the first thing that comes on your mind.

Take notes about anything. The writings shouldn’t be connected.

You can write in your notebook from 11:11 am until 11:11 pm.

Try to read all the things that you have written down.

What is the most noticeable note that you have written?

The most noticeable writings put them on another paper, and burn the old one.

The next step is to select the three most essential notes or goals.

Put the notes with these three most important things to do in an envelope. Place them in a safe place.

Go and take a hot bath and try to relax.

You need to clean yourself from all negative energy and focus on the leading and most essential goals and aims that you need to reach.

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