The Spectacular Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight — Here’s How to Watch

The Spectacular Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight — Here’s How to Watch

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A long time passed since we last witnessed the meteor shower above North America. However, that will change during this week. Tonight, on the 22nd of April, the meteor shower called Lyrid is going to appear in the sky. For those of us who were waiting for excuses to lie down on the grass during night time, now will have the chance to do that, as the weather also changes.

This meteor shower is going to appear in the night sky tonight, the 22nd of April, and in the morning, 23rd of April, according to Bill Cooke from the Meteoroid Environment Office of NASA. The entire shower is going to last until the 25th of April, but it is going to be most active at the time of the peak. But, a disappearing gibbous moon, which is close to a Full Noon, will obstruct everything but the brightest meteors of the shower during the display of the year.

This shower has the ability to produce more than a hundred meteors per hour, which are definitely infrequent and hard to predict, according to Cooke. But, this year, it is going to sit anywhere around twenty per one hour. However, most of them are going to be washed out by the moon’s light.

How can you watch the upcoming meteor shower?

Well, the best possible time during which you can catch this meteor shower is going to be right before dawn. Also, you have to be patient in order to have the best possible experience. You should arrive earlier at your spot, and give your eyes some time in order to completely adjust themselves to the night’s darkness. You are not supposed to sit and stare at the phone.

In order to see the meteor shower, you have to go to a place outside of your city, away from pollution and lights. Moreover, the sky’s sightlines should also be clear. If the sky is cloudy or your view is obstructed, you are definitely going to have a hard time when it comes to observing everything you have the ability to see, despite the moon.

Then, the meteors are going to appear from the Lyra or Harp constellation. But, this does not mean that you need to stare right at this constellation. In fact, the meteors are going to move away from the constellation. It can be helpful if you know where this constellation is, but it would be better if you just lie down and look up, taking in as much of the sky as possible.

Although the Lyrids were said to be quite tamer than other meteor showers, and although the moon is also going to be on their way, it will be an excellent way to go outside and begin enjoying an incredible star gazing weather coming your way.

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