The Secrets of Sound and How To Heal Yourself With Music (Law Of Attraction)

The Secrets of Sound and How To Heal Yourself With Music (Law Of Attraction)

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There is a special connection we have with music, sounds and rhythmic patterns. We instinctively understand sounds and music, our body reacts to it. Music affects atmosphere and attitudes.

The secret of sound is that it is so powerful and can be used as a way to heal our mind and body in different ways. Using sound frequency in the right away can unlock fear and doubt and help us develop our full potential.

Experiments have shown how frequencies can affect us in positive or negative ways, some frequency can tune our brain to focus in a better way, and some low frequency can be caused discomfort and have an unhealthy effect on the human body. These experiments have been tested on water. Our blood is 83% water, brain 75.4% water, muscles are 76% water, bones 22% water. If the frequencies transform or damage the water, so what could they do to our body?

The two frequencies that have the strongest positive effect on the human mind are 432hz and 528hz.

Each frequency has a different function and characteristic:

440 HZ – Is not in alignment with the human body and these sound frequencies can be damaging, it is not found anywhere in nature and can ruin creativity levels.

396 HZ – Turn grief into joy and removes guilt and fear.

417 HZ – Cleanses traumatic experiences and facilitates change.

528HZ – Known as the natural frequency of the earth, repairs DNA and brings transformation and miracles into your life.

638 HZ – Enhances communication understanding, tolerance, and love. Strengthens relationships

741 HZ – Leads you to the power of self-expression which results in a stable and pure life. Cleans cells of toxins.

852 HZ  – Helps awaken intuition and returns your vibration to spiritual order.

963HZ – Helps restore spirit to its original settings directly connected to the light.

528 HZ – “Miracle tone” associated with DNA repair. Resonates with the human body and nature. (In 2010 John Hutchinson an electronic energy expert from Canada purified waters using 528HZ)

432HZ – Is a sound that is mathematically tuned in the most consistent to nature. Both 528hz and 432hz are both healing and has been scientifically proven that it heals the mind, body, and spirit.

These frequencies enable us to attract better things in our lives by boosting our emotions. Use these frequencies to restore your mind body and spirit and raise your vibration. Sleeping with it on in the background has shown that people wake up fresh.




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