The 6 Most Important Spiritual Symbols You Must Know

The 6 Most Important Spiritual Symbols You Must Know

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Everything around us represents some spiritual symbol. They are very pervasive. The hard thing to do is to find a difference between each symbol and to know everything about them.

But we have already done the job for you. Below, we are presenting to you the meaning of each symbol.

1. Hamza


The picture is the symbol of Hamza. That is a Hebrew word that signifies five. Its shape is like a palm with an eye in the middle. Its function is to keep you from the negative vibes and to eliminate the ‘evil eye.’ It can keep you from unluckiness, illness, or maybe even death. A lot of religions used this symbol as a keeper.

2. The Flower Of Life

flower of life

This symbol is the King of Sacred Geometry. It is the most ancient symbol that has ever existed. It is made from seven overlapping, spaced circle shapes. All shapes combined to create a flower shape, with a structure of a hexagon. Many people like Egyptians, Romans, Celtic, Christians, not excluding the artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, thought that this symbol was unique and powerful.

3. Yin Yang

The symbol originates from China. Its meaning is widespread and signifies the balance and harmony of the universe. That means there is bad as much as it is good in the world. The most important truth in the world is that the balance is present, and harmony is needed.

4. Star Of David

star of david

It is sporadic nowadays to find a person who doesn’t know about the star of David. It represents the six directions in the space. The six guidelines are up, down, east, west, north, south, and center. Different people differently see the symbol, and some of them claim that it represents sacred geometry.

5. Om

The mother of all mantras is the Om. Also, it is the primordial sound according to which the universe was made.
It is found primarily in Hinduism as a first spiritual symbol. It is believed that with proper meditation, the sound will be brought to the forefront, all naturally.

6. Lotus Flower

The flower can be found in many religions, and it signifies enlightenment. Lotus can be found in the muddy waters and supports the concept of resurrection. It represents humanity and that every trial can overcome perseverance.

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