Spiritual Bypassing: What It Is, Which Are the Signs Indicating It and How to Stop Falling In It?

Spiritual Bypassing: What It Is, Which Are the Signs Indicating It and How to Stop Falling In It?

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The journey through spiritual growth can change our lives. It has the ability to make us happier, or healthier, or even better connected and feeling safe. Finally, it is going to give us the tools we need in order to live a life full of happiness and fulfillment. However, when this does not occur, we are probably stuck in the so-called spiritual bypassing.

This practice is utilizing spiritual tools to distract us from something we have to address. Moreover, it is the practice of reading spiritual books or practicing meditation on a daily basis, meeting people with shared opinions and ideas like ours, but literally doing nothing with the growth and knowledge we have. After that happens, we can still feel good about life; however, looking realistically, there was no change.

Spirituality usually feels more than great. Because of that, we can easily be stuck to positivity, but it can also mean that we repress and avoid everything else. That will definitely not serve us.

  • Which are the signs indicating spiritual bypassing?

There are different signs and symptoms which point to SB or spiritual bypassing. However, some of them are the most common, which show that we or someone else is using spiritual bypassing as a mechanism of defense against hard things in life we cannot manage. They are the following:

  • Detachment

According to the philosophy of Buddhism, letting go of Earthly attachments is common, but when it gets too far, it may create some disconnect. This means that we do not hold to people, material goods, and opportunities. When something exists our life naturally and peacefully, we are supposed to let that thing.

Detachment means avoiding all the pain and suffering of loss without connecting to something or someone. This will create a disconnect which is not going to serve us and which is probably going to numb us to the best experiences of life.

  • Emotional Repression

Thinking that spiritual journeys are all about enlightenment, hence looking for the bliss and creating a defense mechanism in which we welcome just the positive feelings and emotions.

The complete suppression of the negative feelings and emotions will not just stunt our spiritual growth, but it may lead to addiction such as alcohol addiction, meditation addiction, addiction to stimulants, etc.

  • Obsessed with positivity

When we answer everything to be positive, we probably miss the bigger picture. Positivity is something needed and great, as our general point of view of the future and our life. It is very important to believe that everything is going to be okay one day.

But, when we are going through something which does not feel kind to our soul, we refuse to admit that something is not good at the moment, and we can experience hard emotions – we are not honest with ourselves, and that is going to prevent us from the chance to grow and heal from that experience.

  • Inaction

A lot of spiritually-minded individuals have powerful beliefs in the afterlife, past life, reincarnation, or the reality of existence. Carrying such beliefs can make us quite passive about our life. If every single thing of this is temporary or an illusion, we are not supposed to bother with it.

The feeling that we exist will be enough. Although a lot of people understand this way of thinking, inaction may be utilized as the excuse for not having goals because of our hidden fears like a failure. Although everything looks perfect, and our life is more than meaningful, regardless of what we do, the existence in the 3D plane gives us a unique chance to grow and take action.

  • Feeling mentally better

The last sign from this list would be feeling more awakened, better or even different from others on the planet. Although there are people who are still asleep spiritually, it does not exclude them from the human collective. We are all connected, even the ones that don’t agree with that.

When we separate from other people in the world, our personal growth is not going to accelerate, and instead, it will take away the light from the ones who need it the most. This is a way to become completely spiritually awakened – to spread light to others.

  • What will happen after we realize we are spiritually bypassing?

So, we will find ourselves spiritually bypassing. However, we have to remember that every one of us will do. This is not something about perfection, but about progress. When we are honest about our behaviors, we will have the ability to grow.

To stop falling in that spiritual bypassing, we have to understand that every emotion we have will serve us. Bad emotions do not exist, even when we feel bad. We have to feel and acknowledge every emotion which comes in our lives.

The following step would be to accept the longevity of growth and healing.

And, in the end, the remedy for spiritual bypassing will be to work with our shadow – those dark corners of our soul and personality which carry negativity, such as negative emotions and thoughts. We have to work with them and not ignore them, and in that way, we will bring balance to our spiritual growth and journey.


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