Rare Full Cold Moon Happening Tonight: Get Ready For a Huge Energy Shift

Rare Full Cold Moon Happening Tonight: Get Ready For a Huge Energy Shift

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The Full Cold Moon in December is going to light up the cold night sky of the winter season at the time of the Winter Solstice on the 21st and 22nd of December of this year. This Full Moon is not just going to bring a better light to the long and dark nights, but it is also going to create cosmic energy shifts.

There are going to be a lot of interesting and challenging changes occurring during this period, and we will all be affected by those changes in some way. Also, going with that flow will allow us to harness the powers of the moon and utilize the shift of vibrations to our advantages, in order to help in bringing positive and good changes in our life.

They represent some peak, and they were always connected with the sense of high excitement and energy.

A lot of inexplicable, as well as weird things often occur simultaneously with them or also occur around this period too. People, and also animals will start acting strange all of a sudden.

Although the madness around Full Moons needs to be proven scientifically, their shifts were astrologically established even from ancient times. So, this one occurring in the sign of Cancer occurs at the time of the Winter Solstice, meaning it is going to bring active, thoughtful and also expressive energy type. The various personality sides which Cancer shows are also going to come out to the surface, and that is going to bring a lot of changes and energies too.

Taking control, as well as embracing this shift of energies, we may benefit from their effects and also make positive changes in life. The sign of Cancer is best known as of its strong and good qualities, so tapping into it, we are going to get everything possible of the Full Moon. Here are some of the most recommended that people should do or focus on during the Full Moon:


Every area of communication is going to be underlined in those days which lead to or also follow this period. It will be the period of relieving your chest from unnecessary things and finally having the conversation which you were rescheduling. Maybe you will have to make a conversation with members of your family or old friends, so now will be an excellent time to do that. Regardless of the case, you are going to have your skills spot on and sharp during this period.

Express yourself

Simply said, not every communication is a verbal one. So, instead of letting your words, you should let your behavior, style or actions talk instead of you. You should not be too aggressive or bold when it comes to doing something, no matter what it is. Usually, even the most subtle and smallest hint may cause a strong effect. In order to affect an exiting difference, you have to read the situation or the scene before you make some move.

Avoid going to the darker side

You have to stay mindful, and also positive of the attitude you have, and also strive to maintain your balance. Sometimes, Cancers tend to establish a two-sided nature. You have to make your goals honest, fair, and also consistent as possible, so you are going to be golden at this rare period at the happening Winter Solstice too.

Be mindful

You should not be mindful simply of what you are doing, but of what you are saying too. As communication is highlighted at this Full Moon, you will probably find yourself participating in different conversations and often they can lead to a not that good path.

You should not get into some fights or arguments, and also you should not gossip as even when your intention is not to be unkind or mean or also rude, you may be like that. Have in mind that karma is something real, so you will have to treat other people with respect, making you a better person in the whole situation.

So, the Full Moon of December is going to bring to the surface the Cancer’s best side it has to offer. When you have the ability to link with all the energy that surrounds you, and also tap into that energy, so every social, positive or curious aspect of Cancer is going to shine forth. You have to relax and keep going with the flow.

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