‘Pink Full Moon’ Happening Tonight On Good Friday Lighting Up The Night Sky

‘Pink Full Moon’ Happening Tonight On Good Friday Lighting Up The Night Sky

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For all of us who are fascinated with the cosmos and space, there is a Full Moon happening today, which will promote its fabulous colors, and cause excitement. That’s why we have to prepare and catch a glimpse of the fantastic Pink Full Moon tonight!

The so-called Pink Moon will rise today, the 19th of April, on Good Friday, and it will light up the night sky with some fabulous colors. A lot of people will be excited about watching the strange and wonderful lunar phenomenon.

The Pink Full Moon got the named after the pink flowers that appear during the same time each year, and which indicate the beginning of spring.

The wild ground phlox, which is better known among people like the pink moss flower, is among the first beautiful flowers which bloom right at the beginning of spring.

If the weather permits it, the people who live in the United Kingdom should have the ability to spot this beautiful Pink Full Moon somewhere around 8:05 pm today for just one night.

Moreover, it is going to be visible for those people who live in the other European and North American countries.

The name of this Full Moon is quite deceiving too because the moon is going to happen on a place orange hue, and it will slowly turn yellow as it will rise.

Also, according to some sources, about thousands of year ago, humanity tracked every season with the use of lunar calendars, so the “Pink Moon” of April was the sign that the spring starts.

According to other sources, this Full Moon has some other names too. Native peoples tended to observe the seasons of the year by giving different names to every repeatedly occurring Full Moon. They were not recording time with the use of the months from the Gregorian or Julian calendar.

The Full Moon in April is also known as Full Pink Moon, as it heralds the blossoming of the flower known as pink moss, or wild ground phlox, the flower which appears at the beginning of spring.

Some other names also include the Egg Moon, the Fish Moon, or the Sprouting Grass Moon, etc.

Here is also one ancient folklore saying according to which “A Full Moon in April brings frost, if the full Moon rises pale, expect rain.”

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