One Of The Most Important Transits Of The Decade Occurs This Weekend (yes, of the decade!) — Prepare For New Beginnings!

One Of The Most Important Transits Of The Decade Occurs This Weekend (yes, of the decade!) — Prepare For New Beginnings!

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Transit of the decade

On 12th January, you can expect the most critical Transit of the decade. Saturn conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. We have already told you that at the beginning of the new year, we can expect the most significant transits. According to some people, this event needs to be in the news.
Many people are asking how this occurrence will affect us. But, you don’t have to worry, because everything that is happening in the universe, is for a reason.

The Transit of the decade!

The experts describe this event as a monumental transit. It is not just like ordinary Mercury retrograde. It is nothing similar to the Jupiter ingress into a different sign that happens one time in a year. Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is an exceptional event that is happening on every thirty to forty years. The event will affect every one of us.

The previous conjunction between Saturn and Pluto happened in 1982, and many changes occurred. The world’s face was changed. It took place in Libra, which represents the sign of balance and justice. But, now, the conjunction is in the sign of Capricorn, the marker for rules, hierarchies, and politics. With this event, the History will be written. It means changes. Well, the old rules will be replaced with new, modern ones.

We call this event the beginning because when two planets meet in the universe, it represents a new cycle, a fresh start. Because of this new beginning, there will be no apocalypse. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is not something that will come and go. During this period, you will see a reflection of where your life is now.

Ask yourself, are you happy?

If your answer is positive, then you had made so many right decisions 38 years ago, when the previous conjunction between Saturn and Pluto occurred. If your answer is negative, well, now is the time to fix your mistake, and change that answer. As we previously said, this is the chance for new beginnings, for further changes. You can do everything, and the universe will help you. You have to believe, and make a good plan this time.

Maybe you didn’t know, Saturn and Pluto are the most difficult planets in astrology. They ask for the most challenging work, especially when you have natal Saturn or Pluto aspects. But, the universe doesn’t want to punish you with challenging aspects, with hard transits. Everything is difficult for these people, their birth, their childhood, the process of growing up, their relationships. But, all in all, it’s worth it. Otherwise, they won’t be here.

Disguised blessing of Saturn and Pluto

Saturn and Pluto are not evil planets, and they don’t want to make your life harder. Saturn is linked to the rules. But, rules are essential; if there are no rules, the world will live in chaos. This planet is also the lord of time. And what would the world do without reflection? Saturn is the king of karma, and how we supposed to learn what is wrong or right without consequences?

Now, Pluto is the planet responsible for the Underworld. Have you ever asked yourself, what would be the importance of the day, without the night? What would life be if there was no death? Every person needs to face their limitations and fears. Without them, our life will have no value. Not always we have the chance to do something to eliminate our fears and limitations. But, luckily, the universe gives us some opportunity to try.

This time, the conjunction will challenge us with some significant changes at the core of our being. But, for this event, you shouldn’t just wait for the conjunction. The event will change you, and as the new year is passing, you will be changing. But, this event is not in three parts as the usual conjunctions. You must solve your problem once for all. It will appear only in one part transit.

As the astrologists describe, Saturn is the last planet that we can see with a naked eye. It is represented as an excellent teacher and a barrier among the material world and the possibilities beyond. And Pluto, well, it is the last planet in our solar system. It is not discovered what is behind Pluto, yet.

One thing is for sure, maybe we don’t know what is behind Pluto, but we do know that when the conjunction between these two planets occurs, there is nothing unachievable. You will become resilient only when you understand what the two planets want from you. Then, for you, everything is possible.

There are only two options. You can run from the lessons of Saturn and Pluto, or you can accept them. The consequences when we ran from these lessons are problems. And when you accept them, you are untouchable, and you can do anything.

It would be best if you didn’t run away from your possibilities and opportunities.

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