Are Mermaids Real? 6 Signs That You Own Mermaid’s Spirit

Are Mermaids Real? 6 Signs That You Own Mermaid’s Spirit

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are mermaids real

Many children sometimes pass through the mermaid phase. Mermaid phase is when the children want to be a mermaid. According to many people, that phrase has never ended.

For the people who want to be mermaids, you may not have tail and scales, but you may own the mermaid’s spirit.  This article will give you insight into mermaids’ spirits.

1. Mermaid as a favorite pool game.

Besides the fact that we didn’t have a tail, we would pretend that we had, by sticking our legs together. Furthermore, all of our friends had a particular name chosen from the movie Aquamarine.

2. Glitter everywhere.

We adored glitter. On everything that we created, we added a few sparkles. The reason for this move was that it created magic. It caused a mess, but still, we’re mermaids.

3. The happiest place on the Earth was the beach.

The mermaid’s home place is the ocean. Underwater activities were our favorite, because the sandy toes, the waves, the sea whispering your name, represented the perfect life. If a human owns the mermaid’s spirit, then, on the beach, he will feel like home.

4. You wanted to be like Ariel.

We all love The Little Mermaid. With this film, you can realize that the problems come once you are grown up. She was capable of giving up from her tail and voice for the man that she loved. She is an icon for fearless, independent, and confided women.

5. The movie H2O was your inspiration.

You knew the song by hard. Each member from your friend group had a special and favorite mermaid. You all wanted to find some island where you will transform into mermaids.

6. You still believe in magic

Magic makes the world an exciting place to live in. Magic obsession never fades. It is present in our bodies; it leads us through life. Many experts define magic as a mixture of hope, love, and joy. You need to believe in it every single day.

With these six signs, you will remember the good old days, when you were a child, and you were happy. No matter how old you are, the mermaid spirit can still be present in you. If you believe in magic, then you own this spirit.

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