Major Shifts In Energy As 2019 Ends — Big Changes Are In Front Of You!

Major Shifts In Energy As 2019 Ends — Big Changes Are In Front Of You!

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Shifts In Energy

The energetic shifts are happening throughout each year, and the best ones are those that bring new things. The change that is going to happen brings forth abundance that the year 2020 has to offer to us.

You might not feel yourself through this month and December because the energies build up more and more. You will be at war within and feel a bit disconnected. The energies are going to be overwhelming; we will all be falling short if we are not willing to make the most of them. If you are a sensitive person, you will feel these energies now you will be able to notice that the things are not what they used to be compared to the previous months. The inner workings are going to come full circle as you start to adapt these shifting energies. Embrace the changes and try to appreciate the things that are about to go in 2020.

Astromark reports:

This is the year astrologers have been talking about for several years. There is an extremely rare gathering of planets in Capricorn. The world and your personal life will experience “death & rebirth” through burn-your-bridges Pluto. The world already experienced the breakdown of old patterns in 2019, and the New Year re-structures your life and then kicks you into high gear.

When the shift happens, the vibration on Earth and those that live on it will not be the same. The next year will be all about struggling to defeat things that are pressing us back and working to overcome all the challenges that stay on our way. When we find our place in 2020, there will be no going back.

The year 2020 is not about fixing the things; it’s about rising above them. If we raise ourselves so high, the darkness will fall away. The darkness is so heavy to enter this new wave of change. If we want to harmonize with the cosmos and the planet, we have to unpack and let it go. The time to rise would have already begun when 2020 rolls around.

The best time to release, unpack, and to think about what you can shed and let go, is now. The cosmic alignments in 2019 are pointing to this. The things to come are going to be hard in the first few months of 2020, but there will be more relieving than you might assume they will be. If you are struggling to get your point across, you should wait until this shift has finished clearing the air. Things will be normal, be sure about that.

Do you think that 2020 will offer something great, and you finally get the things in order? You should try to make the most of it.

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