Magnificent New Beginnings On Our Way With The New Moon This Week

Magnificent New Beginnings On Our Way With The New Moon This Week

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The Aries New Moon is the best opportunity for manifesting, setting goals, and planting seeds.
Aries supports and helps the new beginnings. This zodiac sign represents the start of a new lunar cycle; with this, it encourages and shares energy for new beginnings.

On March 24, this year, 2020, we should expect the Aries New Moon. It comes right after a string of potent cosmic events, including Equinox, the alignment of Mars and Jupiter, and the strongest one, Saturn moving into Aquarius.
As a consequence of these already intense situations, the New Moon brings its energy.

We will explain what to expect from this event, but for that purpose, let’s get back to the Equinox on March 19.
The March Equinox is the time when the Sun enters Aries. At this point, the new astrological year begins. As the new beginning is coming, it spreads the first wave of fresh energy.

During this time, people will be optimistic, and they will feel a sense of invigoration. On the Equinox, if people are open, they can get some signs sent from the Universe. Following the latest event, on March 20-21, Mars aligns Jupiter so that we can feel a little tension and volatility. But, we will have a boost of motivation and enthusiasm too.

Furthermore, on March 21 and 22, Saturn is moving out of Capricorn into Aquarius. The conjunction will provide us a massive shift and end of a karmic cycle that we have expected for 2.5 years. Right after the significant transformation, we can expect some ripples through the Universe, so that links us to the Aries New Moon.

According to the astrologists, it will be just too much energy moving around in a short period. As a consequence of the moving energy, we can feel various emotions that cannot be pinned down. During this new cycle, the asteroid Chiron, also known as the wounded healer, will be active too. With his energy, people can find sources of motivation and healing. They will find the strength to heal and start their lives over again.

We all have problems, but in this period, people who have been neglecting or ignoring something, the asteroid will guide them and make them feel whole. Every living person on this planet has a different lifestyle in the past days, so maybe we will adopt some new habits and schedules. As Aries New Moon comes, we need to make our activities fresh, healthy, and productive.
Chiron will help us and tell us how to take care of ourselves, and we will be guided by it. Maybe Chiron is the Wounded Healer, but it can transform its wounds into a powerful source of healing. We need to follow its steps and do the same with our wounds.

So, this is the period where you can be a little bit more emotional, and all this is the consequence of the Aries energy.
In order not to make some unpredictable moves, we need to be mindful of allowing our emotions to be represented negatively. People need to try to be calm. To reach a state of peace, we need to give ourselves the necessary time to think right and act well.
The New Moon is located at four degrees of Aries. Every position of the new moon in the past months, this year, is marked with the number four.

According to numerology, the number 4 calls us to be ourselves, and we need to be safe, comfortable in the way we are.
Also, it is a spiritually sensitive degree of the zodiac, and it represents the psychic energies. It shares energy that will increase the ability to ascend higher realms, but still to remain humble. We advise you to get a higher connection with your Spirits, and after that, use it to feel yourself in your skin.

The Aries New Moon is the perfect timing to set intentions for the upcoming year. Instead of asking what you want from the Universe and your Spirit, be careful and listen to what they ask from you.

Commonly, the most powerful intentions that people set are to surrender to the Divine, Source, the Universe, and to let them show our way.

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