Use Pendulum for Chakra Healing: How to Use it and How it Can Reap Chakra Miracles in Only Five Minutes

Use Pendulum for Chakra Healing: How to Use it and How it Can Reap Chakra Miracles in Only Five Minutes

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Every one of us has sometimes felt blocked or stuck over a certain thing. For example, regardless of how hard we try to progress on a certain field, it simply doesn’t happen. Well, there is definitely a specific reason related to that. When we feel blocked or stuck, the feeling is a message that our Universe sends to us, telling us that we have to do something, such as clearing.

Usually, working for a while in the center of our chakras will be everything that we have to do in order to unblock ourselves. When those blocks are finally cleared, we are going to see why we were blocked, and that our Universe doesn’t want such things for us, or we are also going to clear our channels leading to the searched progress.

Healing our chakras will be an excellent way of transforming such stumbling blocks and obstacles into dust, most of the time.

Here is how we can do that with one divination tool, which is known as a pendulum:

  • We should get the tools that are appropriate.

Healing our chakras is possible for only five or more minutes of our time, but all that depends on the tools, and whether they are appropriate or not. The pendulum will be the tool which we would like to utilize for healing our chakra. Pendulums are, in fact, divination tools which may help give us no or yes answers to questions of life.

Divination tools are excellent to utilize when our life throws us with stumbling blocks. Chakra pendulums will work to clear our chakras which we need for the stumbling blocks, and giving us answers simultaneously.

  • We should calibrate our chakra pendulum.

This is going to take just a couple of seconds and no more. For calibrating our chakra pendulum, the time it will take for us to ask our pendulum two different questions will be all that we need. First, we should hold the pendulum right in front of us, and ask it a question of which we know the answer ‘Yes.’ One such question could be: ‘Is my name…”

Then we should wait for it to answer. It is going to start moving in several directions, and in that way, it shows us what answering ‘Yes’ looks like. Then, we should ask it a question of which the answer is ‘No.’ Then, we should again pay attention to the answer. In this way, we have calibrated our chakra pendulum too.

  • We should identify the chakras we would like to work with.

So, before we use our chakra pendulum just as our divination tool, we should identify the chakras, we would like to work with. We can work with only one, or we can try to unblock and clear all of them.

There are seven chakras, and each of them rules different things. Here is what all of the chakras rule:

  • Root Chakra – it rules some basic needs such as food, work, shelter, and survival;
  • Sacral Chakra – it rules fertility matters and sexual needs;
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – it rules pride, self-esteem, personality, values, and ego;
  • Heart Chakra – it rules love, emotions, and relationships;
  • Throat Chakra – it rules communication in different forms;
  • Third Eye Chakra – it rules planning, foresight, and seeing our future;
  • Crown Chakra – it rules a direct connection with the divine and higher levels of thinking.

For instance, when someone wonders if he is supposed to propose to his girl, the two most associated chakras with such life matters are going to be heart and throat chakra. The throat chakra is the ruler of communication, while the heart chakra is the ruler of love. When the person decides to propose, he needs to have his throat chakra balanced and in an excellent condition. The same goes for the heart chakra too, so the two of them would be the place where the person is going to focus his chakra pendulum.

  • We should relax and think about our questions.

We should lie down, find a comfortable position, and start focusing on those areas we are going to work on. We should meditate on them, and on the colors of each chakra, we are going to work with. In those particular areas, we can even feel some physical changes.

  • We should ask our pendulum the selected questions.

At the moment, we should hold our pendulum above the centers of the chakra we will work with. We should ask the selected questions, and they should be questions with just no or yes answers. We may also ask identical questions on various chakras, in order to see the responses. This process will take just a small amount of time, but it can take longer if we want to. We should collect as much information as we can unless we feel that we are done.

  • We should meditate.

When we finally gathered our information, we should spend time meditating on the chakra’s color or center we just worked on to unblock. We will only need a couple of minutes to do this in our chair and even while we still lie down. After this, we should start feeling unblocked slowly. We can even receive additional information at the time of the meditation. So, we should follow our experience, and it is going to give us everything that we need or more from it.

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