Tonight We Will Witness The 2019 Seasonal Blue Full Moon — Get Ready For Big Reveals!

Tonight We Will Witness The 2019 Seasonal Blue Full Moon — Get Ready For Big Reveals!

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Blue Full Moon In 2019

On the 18th of May, there is going to be a Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio, which is going to light up our night sky, in that way creating a passionate and attractive wave of emotions.

After all, the sign of Scorpio is definitely among the most profound signs. When our moon is finally ripe in its sign, we cannot help but simply feel the stir in the air. Although specific secrets will appear, and the snakes will come out of some cracks, there are many people who like this story about the Full Moon.

Putting feelings aside, some people will gain something big of this next Full Moon.

There is no sign that will keep secrets better than the people born under the sign of Scorpio. However, all the bets will be off when the Full Moon will dance through the dark waters of Scorpios. Scorpio is definitely the weakness of the Moon as it is a sign of the fall of the Moon.

We have to be prepared for big reveals.

Significant AHA moment, big reveals, and every kind of secrets have the power to surface. Personal inner mysteries and insights are going to look forward actually to be released finally. We will have to ask questions. We will also have to prepare for the wake-up call of the intuitive type.

Many people never forget the Full Moons which happen in Scorpio because there are many things that they offer. Information of every kind simply wants to appear in front of us. That is, in fact, Scorpio’s essence – it is the sign which lightens the dark.

We have to prepare for a person that will call out the elephant present in the room – regardless of what it is. The polar opposite of Scorpio, which is the sign of Taurus, is going to be vying for the limelight as well.

Regardless of the Full Moons’ typical lunacy, this specific story will be the moment during which we may feel empowered, or even rise above the uncertainty. Scorpios love staring fear down meaning they are going to want to do it here. This may also mean that we might have to go out of our zone of comfort.

This, in fact, leads us to the Taurus story part. While this Full Moon happens in Scorpio, the Sun will also pull it into the security of the comfortable sign of Taurus. A balancing act and war between these two are going to be put into motion too. Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs so they may get intense during this lunar cycle.

This means that opportunities are going to come right when we need them or we least expect them.

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