Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Tonight: Finally—a Fresh New Chapter Is Here!

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Tonight: Finally—a Fresh New Chapter Is Here!

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full moon lunar eclipse

The Lunar Eclipse that is expected to happen on 10th January, will be an event scheduled for years. Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, and this is something that is happening every thirty-six years. Let’s look on the positive side. Many people will experience this occurrence as a moment of fateful tribulation cleansed, purified, open-hearted, replenished, and full of blessings with experience and purity of their spirit.

Nothing and no one can stop the character and purity, and the human spirit, which is achieved through struggle.
One thing is for sure. Humans cannot develop as they need to if there weren’t hard times.

People have a lot to expect in 2020, from high energy, replenished activity, and motion. These are quite good things to cheer for, regarding of what has happened in 2019. But, during this eclipse, people need to know and to be careful. Because, before 10th January, and after it, almost the whole month, we will experience the most intense and strange, dark, shadowy, and surreal energy.

Below, we present to you the long-anticipated Monolithic Eclipse of conjunction between Saturn and Pluto. These two planets align every 36 years. With their conjunction, they spread dark and purgative energy. The best moment of this event is at the synchronistic degree of precisely 20.00 degrees Cancer and Capricorn. With this position, they make the conjunction with Saturn and Pluto, on 22 degrees Capricorn.

Eclipse in Cancer, Sun in Capricorn

The situation where the eclipse is in Cancer, and the Sun in Capricorn, create the axis of family and sustenance, solidness, and emotional direction. With it, you will gain material stability and some foundational love and connection to life. The mixture between the Sun’s conjunction and Saturn-Pluto conjunction will bring dark, strange energy. Conjunctions that happened in 2019 hit the people with intensity in April-may and July-August 2019.

As we already know, Capricorn is Saturn’s sign. It represents structure, ambition, the support systems that keep sustenance for everyone.

It shows a little emotion, but a lot of structure and resilience. Together, Capricorn and Cancer are like mom and dad, that keep us alive and conscious. Capricorn is responsible in a physical sense, and Cancer is responsible for our emotions.

To be more precise, the full moon eclipse in Cancer will focus us on the moral replenishment, open emotions and flowing, uninhibited expression, empathy, and love as a primary source of life.

We will experience some upheaval and unexpected explosions of emotions, for which is responsible Pluto in Cancer. With these characteristics, the planet, Pluto, has opened the path of destruction, obliteration like blockage and rigidness, the features of Saturn in Capricorn.

As a consequence of this mixture of features, various scenarios can happen. But, after the conjunction, Jupiter in Capricorn follows. It will result in activity, motion, replenished and focused personas only on one thing: material stability.

Every person’s primary focus will be their work. They will be most active now than ever.

Eclipse in trine to Neptune

This eclipse will bring imaginative pondering, a voyage in the people’s minds, soaking their sense of music and art, and presenting them with dark energy.

The vibe of Neptune, which is mostly daydreamy, thick and hazy, but yet dark, will be an escort to the eclipse this time. The eclipse will influence well on Neptune.

Every person will be advised to keep themselves in a safe zone. The goal is: protect the people not to stuck in the darkness and not to lose themselves in the maze of thoughts.

If you want to purify and clean yourself, you need to hit the right moment. This time is not the safest time to do these things. You may lose yourself.

Eclipse quintile Venus

This represents a connection to the revolutionary spark of the free human spirit, the link to thinking and learning, in a social sense.

It is the most optimistic element, freedom of the human spirit. The thinker is firmly presented in a positive way to the eclipse with Venus in Aquarius. They represent the sign of energy, quintile the Moon.

It means that the golden line in the chart signifies synchronicity. The background is that things will find their place.
Also, people will link themselves to the vision of a free human being. The emotional move toward openness will connect us to slavery resisting energy. People will want to feel freedom and prosperity.

Eclipse sesquiquadrate Mars

It represents tension, volatile potential, and simmering frustration. It is the negative aspect of the Lunar Eclipse. Mars influences here. When the energy of Mars hits, it creates tension, frustration, and volatile potential.

The Eclipse’s precision

This eclipse is very well known for its accuracy. It happens exactly every 36 years. The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto is always exact. This eclipse includes three different planetary nodes, referring to the Moon, Saturn, and Pluto. They reach their precise point of closeness, and the location is on the belt of the zodiac.

It isn’t as complex as it looks. Saturn touches the belt of the zodiac in Capricorn and Cancer, also does Pluto, and also, when the Sun and Moon conjoin at their Nodes, they reach the belt in the same place.

All in all, the last this kind of conjunction was on 11th September 2001. And the experts predicted this event to happen again in January 2020.

Our advice is to stay strong and don’t fear anything.

All the results are positive, more love, empathy, open-heartedness, understanding, respect, and gratitude. You can expect all of this in January, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

Image source: Shutterstock (licensed by SOS)/By Antony McAulay

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