This Weekend’s Super Snow Moon Will Illuminate The Night Sky With Closest Approach To The Earth

This Weekend’s Super Snow Moon Will Illuminate The Night Sky With Closest Approach To The Earth

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The upcoming full moon is going to be super, but it has another name, too. The pseudonym of this full moon is the snow moon because when it appears, there is always snow.

According to NASA, its peak will be on February 9, to be precise at 2:33 am EST. If you didn’t understand the night on February 8, at 2:30, this full moon is going to be visible, providing you with a spectacular view. As the experts say, the heaviest snow of the year is found in February. Because of the time when this moon appears, in the past years, there was always snow. Nowadays, because the epithet of this moon is ‘super,’ it will be shiny and bright like never before. If you didn’t know, the Supermoon is present when the moon is closest to Earth in orbit.

Because it is February, this full moon will mark the beginning of the full moon series. A supermoon happens when the moon reaches the closest point to Earth in its orbit. During this time, from Earth, people see the more prominent and brighter moon. As we already said, this event will reach its peak on February 9, at 2:33 am EST. Everyone will be able to see it. You can throw one look on the mesmerizing appearance. People will be stunned, and the more we see it, the more mind-blowing it becomes. As the astrologists say, this year, we are going to have 13 full moons, but not everyone will be this amazing. In this article we won’t speak about the energies, we will only mention them.
This full snow moon will bring a lot of energy, and it is regarded as a rollercoaster of emotions. The best solution for you is to stay humble and grounded. If mixed energies are coming, being humble is the safest side in the event.

Furthermore, other moons like this we can expect to happen in March, April, and May. All of them are supermoons.

Check when the moon will be visible in your area.

Featured Image: Artis’s impression of full moon

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