Do This Exercise With Your Hands, To Balance Your Emotions and Boost Your Energy.

Do This Exercise With Your Hands, To Balance Your Emotions and Boost Your Energy.

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If you don’t know, there is one ancient Japanese type of touch therapy, called Jin Shin Jyutsu, which you may perform on your own self, in order to help you in balancing your emotions and boost your energy through the stimulation of the meridians which are in your hands.

This technique is very simple, and it may be done at any place:

  • Our fingers are connected with different organs in our body and with different attitudes or emotions. You can check our chart in order to decide if you want to pay attention to one trouble area or do an entire body balance;
  • Then, hold your finger which correlates that emotion which you would like to calm; you can correlate with the organ which you would like to heal too,  for about 3 to 5 minutes whereas you breathe deeply;
  • Or, you may even go through every finger on both of your hands, if you would like an entire body harmonization.

In one study, which was conducted by the Markey Cancer Center, the patients who were from different types and stages, had the ability to feel some positive benefits, which included reduced nausea and stress after every session. Moreover, most of the ones that had some trouble with getting a good rest had reported that they definitely had a better and easier time to fall asleep when they held their thumb.

This can probably be related to why little kids or babies find some comfort in putting their thumb in their mouth or the reason why people show their middle finger, which means showing anger.

  • Thumb

Attitudes and emotions: depression, worry, and anxiety.

Organs: spleen and stomach.

Physical symptoms: headaches, nervousness, stomach aches, and skin problems.

  • Index finger

Attitudes and emotions: frustration, mental confusion, and fear.

Organs: bladder and kidneys.

Physical symptoms: discomfort in the wrist, upper arm or elbow, digestive problems, back and muscle aches, gum or teeth problems, and different types of addictions.

  • Middle finger

Attitudes and emotions: irritability, anger, and indecisiveness.

Organs: gall bladder and liver.

Physical symptoms: vision or eye problems, migraines, fatigue, menstrual cramps, frontal headaches, and circulation issues.

  • Ring finger

Attitudes and emotions: afraid of rejection, negativity, sadness, and grief.

Organs: large intestine and lung.

Physical symptoms: respiratory problems like asthma, digestive issues, ear deep skin states and conditions, and ear ringing.

  • Little finger

Attitudes and emotions: lowered self-esteem, overdoing it, insecurity, nervousness and judgmental.

Organs: small intestine, and heart.

Physical symptoms: heart conditions, nerve or bone issues, blood pressure, bloating and sore throat.

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