The City of Bangalore — the Home of a 400 Years Old Shiva Temple Which Remains Mysterious Even Today

The City of Bangalore — the Home of a 400 Years Old Shiva Temple Which Remains Mysterious Even Today

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Sri Dakshina Mukha Nandi Teertha Kalyani Kshetra which is also called Nandi Teertha was said to be the best mysterious temple which was recently discovered in India. The location of the temple is right before the temple called Gangamma, and it is diagonally opposite of the temple called Kadu Malleshwara, the north-western region of the city of Bangalore. The temple was named combining the elements that surround it.

  • About the discovery

Twenty-two years ago, in 1997, the construction started on the empty land field, diagonally opposite of the temple Kadu Malleshwara. It has been at the time of the excavation of a mound for the construction in 1997 that the workers have discovered temple’s spire. They dug much deeper and discovered that there had been one huge temple on a mound.

ASI or Archaeological Survey of India finished with the excavation, discovering an amazing preserved central water pool surrounded by pillared mantapas and granite steps.

This temple is the house of Shiva Linga that was constantly bathed with the water that dripped from the stone statue’s mouth, called Nandi. The reports about this temple’s age are conflicting. But, it is believed that it is somewhere over 400 or more years old, even though certain sources originate are about 7000 years old.

  • What makes the temple so mysterious?

When the Archaeological Survey of India has cleaned Nandi (Bull)’s mouth, they have found a small water stream that started pouring water out constantly.

Also, when they cleared the land in the bottom, it was discovered that this water from the stream fell on Shiva Linga, joining the Kalyani somewhere in the center of the complex of the temple.

However, they did not manage to discover the source from which the water was constantly pouring through the mouth of Nandi. Saying that the water was flowing from Sankey Tank was a hypothesis, and it was never proved, so it remained mysterious. Also, this water stream was considered the birthplace or also the major source of the river Vrishabhavathi.

  • Nomenclature

The words ‘dakhshinamuka Nandi’ mean ‘South facing Nandi.’ In fact, there is a constant water stream which is flowing out of the mouth of Nandi, and it is said to be holy water too, referred to as the ‘Tirtha’ in Kannada. So, the water coming from the mouth of Nandi falls on Shiva Linga and then flows into the stepped tank, somewhere in the center of this temple, which is called a ‘Kalyani’ – Temple tank in Kannada.

The word ‘kshetra’ means some ‘place’ in Kannada, usually utilized to talk about some region or place of religious and historical significance. So, when all the elements from above are combined, they form the temple’s official name.


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