Let It Heal You: New Moon Moon in Aquarius — Time for Soul Cleanse

Let It Heal You: New Moon Moon in Aquarius — Time for Soul Cleanse

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The first New Moon in 2020, happening on the 24th of January in the sign of Aquarius, is going to light up new pathways and also help us unfolding new storylines.

Thankfully, the things that are not as bleak as they sound, problems can be dealt with through self-discipline, as well as determination and patience.

Though it might seem easier to ignore our problems, they never go away and come back to harm us in the ways that we never expected.

This will also be a great time for healing as this new moon can give us the strength to address these sore spots without hurting them even more. Powerful periods in the lunar cycle are the time when we are emotionally charged, and any little thing can also trigger, as well as flare us up. This is also the perfect period for us to travel within ourselves, as well as heal these wounds.

We can also take the help of all the elements that can make this testing time a little easier for us. Water is another great source of healing, and you can also draw baths with healing salts, to make this period a little bit easier for us.

Sound therapy, as well as music, can also be of great help for us. Whatever it takes, you should open yourself up to face these wounds and heal yourself. This new moon can also make the journey a lot easier for us if only we have the faith to let it.

We just need to have patience and inner strength to go through this period, and we are going to come out of it more powerful and healthier than before.

Your emotions also would be riding a high, and you might get your judgment colored because of them. You should make a conscious attempt not to get overwhelmed by your own emotions and thereby what the other person tries to carry.

Also, you should be careful to not idealize someone to such an extent that you become blind to their flaws. This New Moon might bring on depression, as well as anxiety and pay extra attention to your health if you feel anything is off.

Thankfully, this new moon brings some much-needed positivity in life and gives the tolerance to deal with the emotional trauma overwhelming your life. During this time, rely more on your logic, as well as rational mind rather than your instincts as they are going through a lot.

To sum up.

This is also a time when your negative emotions, as well as feelings, will come in the limelight. You are going to have to tread carefully if you want to avoid the repercussions. The presence of this new moon is a welcome change that is going to give you determination and stability to maneuver through this tough time.

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