Karma — The Law of Cause and Effect: How to Clear It and What We Have to Understand About It

Karma — The Law of Cause and Effect: How to Clear It and What We Have to Understand About It

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Karma is definitely not a thing which can be seen physically, but every one of us possesses it. It is unique and authentic just like every person is, and it has the ability to affect events in our lives. This is the reason why making stable progress on its clearing is very important.

According to the definitions of Eastern philosophers, karma is the law of cause and effect. So, when we do something good for other people, we are going to receive well in return. Or, when we do bad things to other people, we will attract negative consequences and circumstances in our life. Hence, karma may be bad or good, and usually, we possess both sides. For example, we may possess good karma when it comes to money, while a bad one when it comes to relationships, and vice versa.

According to the spiritual sense, this thing – the karma – is considered energy. The bad karma, in fact, is heavy energy which obstructs our energetic fields, in that way preventing us from the manifestation of positive experiences so that we can trigger some negative experiences instead.

As we already mentioned, every one of us has bad karma, related to past events or some other time – sometimes related to past lives too. The denseness or severity of such karma will not be the sign of the time needed for clearing it. The key to clearing it will be our own will for changing and forgiving. However, despite these two, an additional number of key factors which we have to know also exists, which will help us to understand the meaning of karma and the way we may clear it ourselves.

How is karma related to intention?

Although our mind will think that bad actions always result in bad karma, it is seldom like that, as energy does not work that way. In fact, it works on the basis of our intentions. When we have bad thoughts, we will also experience bad karma, or when we harm people with our intention to hurt him or her.

For example, when we hit an animal just because we are upset and angry, disregarding its feelings, or its well-being, we are going to earn bad karma for sure. However, accidentally stepping on the tail of our pet without the intention to do that, we will not have to pay the price of karma. In these two cases, the pain that the animal experienced may be almost the same, but just the first one was with the intention to hurt it.

If we want to avoid bad karma, we should not permit harmful feelings, thoughts, or even actions to occur. However, we are human beings, and these three things may happen at a certain point in our life.

Learn how to forgive, to clear karma.

Forgiveness will create probably the purest energy that exists in the world. It also has the ability to heal us, mend relationships, or clear karma too.

It is really important not to say “I’m sorry” even when we were wrong, as there is a hidden message in this which says that we wish sorrow upon the person.

To let karma go, we first have to start acknowledging the things we did wrong then forgive ourselves for doing such things, and also forgive others that were probably involved – either the ones who were affected by our actions or the ones that affected us by their actions.

When we forgive or ask others for forgiveness, we take back our power and even the control of our karma.

Repetition of cycles.

When we don’t know whether we have good or bad karma, or where does it come from, we should analyze some cycles in our life which repeat constantly. We should see whether our relationships ended in the same way, or we have some repeating problem at work or are there fights and disagreement which happen between other people in our lives and us. So, any repeating pattern we see will give us a clue that there is some karmic cycle. It is not going to break or change until we grow from it, so we have to change our actions and thoughts in order to improve our karma.

Also, we have to return to our past lives or childhood memories in order to see where it all started from. When we discover the cause, the rest of the process is the same. We should revise the details in our head, while we practice meditation, and let it go during practicing forgiveness. When we let go of those things, we should promise ourselves that we will not repeat those mistakes anymore and that we will focus on our self-love only.

We should be happy with other people.

Every single thing is interconnected, and we are also connected with other human beings or creatures on the planet. Reminding ourselves about this connection is going to help us treat other people as we want to be treated too. One trick which is going to help us boost our karma, and even increase our manifestation will be to be happy with others.

Every time someone gained or achieved something – a financial abundance, a job, promotion, a partner, a friend, an award, a member of the family, feeling happy for them is going to bring us that same vibration in our life.

Even when they are where we would like them to be, karma is not reacting well to bitterness, disappointment or jealousy. Every one of us is connected, and we celebrate each other, so great things are soon going to come for us.

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