Jupiter’s Retrograde Raises our Vibration

Jupiter’s Retrograde Raises our Vibration

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We are experiencing a release of blocks caused by Jupiter’s ongoing Retrograde. Delays, odd events, obstacles, and misunderstandings reveal new pathways, new, more positive spaces. Scary, shocking, inconvenient or confusing events turn out to be good for us if we see past the trauma. As each layer of heavy energies is peeled back to air, we heal. Small issues evaporate, bigger issues linger, ticking away in the back of our consciousness. Each ripple, each wave of higher frequencies pulls us up the dimensional frequency spectrum, enabling us to cut loose karmic baggage. We lighten our load literally, energetically. Upgrades recalibrate our mind-body-spirit system, we come online as energetic beings. We are integrating whole evolutionary leap friends, we are leaving behind third and fourth dimension density and duality. We should expect to feel a little strange at times.

Entering the quantum world expands our consciousness, we become more aware of dream state, synchronicities and cosmic intervention. Incidents we would have previously written off as coincidence stick in our minds, take root, we chew them over, insight and epiphanies occur. When we bump into someone we thought of the day before, we can have manifested the meeting. Our energy can reach out to theirs and connect. Or our guides feel we have some kind of exchange with this person that would be karmically productive for us at that time. We can find white feathers on days when we are remembering someone who has passed, this is not a coincidence. Each of us has an energetic blueprint, a signature vibration that only we have, much like a fingerprint. When we think of someone our energies register their vibratory frequency across all dimensional realities.

The war for our hearts, bodies, minds, and souls has stepped up a gear. Conserve energy. As the frequencies rise, the grip the cabal have had on humanity is loosening. We do our bit by self-healing, raising our cellular vibration to match Gaia as she shakes off the third and fourth dimensions. Now is a good time to cut negative cords or end preordained contracts which can trap us in negative cycles. Use the Mantra ‘I end all preordained contracts that are holding me back at this time in love vibration.’ Each and every microsecond is ours, we are Free Will beings, we can switch timelines in a split second. We can change our mind, our actions, our feelings in the blink of an eye. Guides can only ever do just that, guide, they can never dictate or judge, simply observe and nudge us in the direction of our highest vibrations.

Mindfulness has a strange effect on our perception of time transforming our ability to navigate our lives calmly. Being present creates a time tunnel where we are grounded in the present neither looking back or forward. This goes directly against a core foundation of the matrix. To be present is to be still and connected energetically. The cabal needs us to be fearfully focusing on the past or anxiously fearing the future, not content in the present. By minimizing our engagement with the matrix and listening to our inner truths, we can declutter our lives. We create simple, clean, emotional and physical spaces. This helps us navigate complicated, choppy waters of chaos and transformation.

Self-care creates an expansion of consciousness, we connect to universal love flow. We can cultivate higher wavelengths, inner stillness, through meditation and solitude. The matrix requires we remain in fear frequency, it only works on us if we are frightened, anxious, stressed and vulnerable. We feel true inner confidence from knowing ourselves. We see the world clearly for what it is not how we interpreted it or how it is projected onto our psyche. Glitches, flashbacks and memory loss can occur as we process so much data within our beings. We can feel caught in the headlights of disclosure, exposure, and truth. We may need to take time out, to treat ourselves gently as more and more layers are unpeeled. The combination of powerful waves of solar pulses raising the vibrations and Jupiter’s retrograde is offering a unique opportunity to energetically realign and expand our consciousness.

Jupiter’s retrograde started in February and will continue until mid-June. Jupiter is masculine energy, his fire, his weight, his power is pulling the dense, stuck, dark energies of the matrix apart. Heavy, low energies cloaking Gaia and humanity in impenetrable clouds of chaos, confusion, and fear have weighed us down and kept us locked in lower dimensional realities. A self-fulfilling prophecy, each new generation caught in the hamster wheel of depravity, depression, and destruction create more dense, karmic layers blocking the light. Jupiter’s retrograde is illuminating all the dark, nasty, little corners. Matrix viruses spread through our beings, algorithms of self-hate, blame, shame and deep-rooted fear. Jupiter’s retrograde is offering us the chance to release our demons. To loosen tightly held traumas and let them go. We become lighter beings because we release heavy emotions that have been suppressed or oppressed for many years, sometimes lifetimes.

We can harness Jupiter’s retrograde to help us release difficult emotions in meditation, mindfulness and by using mantras. We can ask our guides and higher self to help us break bad habits, self-destructive behavior patterns or release long-held challenging emotions like grief or shame. Awakening is a three-way process, mind, body, and soul. Keep meditating love frequency, beautiful people. We have arrived, the fifth dimension is here. We don’t get on a plane to go there. We don’t climb into our heads to reach the dizzying heights of love wavelengths. We simply focus on ourselves, our wellbeing, our physical health, our mental agility and our spiritual connectivity to the magic of the cosmos. Embrace upgrades, rest and enjoy blissful moments of mindful joy. Conserve energy for the tougher times, reprogramming ourselves to love frequency. Stay in love vibrations by trusting the universe and yourself. In love and light cosmic surfers.

This article (Jupiter’s Retrograde Raises our Vibration) was published by awakening5dhealing  and it is re-posted here with permission.

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