Energy Update Jupiter Retrograde

Energy Update Jupiter Retrograde

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Jupiter retrograde

We are moving towards a tidal wave of photonic light, intended to embed humanity and Gaia in higher dimensions of truth, peace, and possibility. A dense, heavy depression of the frequencies triggered by Jupiter in Retrograde prepares us for this cosmic quantum leap. We are in the inhale, the energetic ebb before cosmic light flows. We are pushing through a pullback of energy, an intake of cosmic breath before the rush of higher vibrations. There are layers to Jupiter retrograde, crossed wires will snap and crackle. Our perception of reality will take on a dreamlike quality at times. As we release global and individual karma we clear the energy waves for unified expansive consciousness. We will complete this Jupiter retrograde cycle in June 2018. The March Equinox heralds a time of realignment, we can prepare for incoming tidal waves of high frequencies. These cosmic waves will be marked by the June Equinox.

Pushing through Jupiter’s retrograde some days may feel like quicksand, others sticky like wading through mud. Life may take on a Technicolor quality. Some are becoming more acquainted with upgrade waves, what they feel like and how to manage them. For others, all of this is very new. We can feel untethered as the energetic vibratory fields fluctuate. Our solar plexus is being activated by Jupiter’s Retrograde. Our center, our core is where we connect to universal energies, where we build our balance, our equilibrium. We are in this pullback of energies to prepare for cosmic DNA activation. We experience retrogrades as mind-body-spirit beings.

Symptoms of Jupiter Retrograde:

  • Stomach cramps and upsets
  • Lower back aches and pains
  • Vertigo
  • Dizziness
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Heavy limbs
  • Increased anxiety
  • Trouble meditating or doing yoga
  • Bursts of high vibration energy
  • Sugar cravings
  • Sensitivity to artificial light
  • Technology glitches
  • Misunderstandings and crossed wires of communication
  • Intense karmic release, emotional release
  • Heightened physical and emotional sensitivity to confrontation or drama
  • Demons coming to surface for release
  • Magical interaction with the natural world
  • Thinning of veils, increased intuition penetrating people’s matrix avatars.
  • Dreamlike quality of life.

Surrendering to the natural flow of universal love will release anxiety and stress, allowing love to flow through our daily lives. Our Solar plexus connects and guides us. Our gut instincts read the energies around us. Matrix avatars can’t fool our solar plexus. Avatars can fool our eyes, our third dimension senses, not our energy antennae. We will see the truth in our personal lives and on the world stage. Masks will fall. We may end relationships, change jobs, move home. Political activism will increase. We can expect revelations and epiphanies profound enough to dismantle pillars in our lives. This is realignment for upgrades. We increase chi flow by reorganizing our lives to maximize core balance and expanding consciousness.

By tuning into our mind-body-spirit system we learn to speak the language of energy. The higher we vibrate the clearer the flow of energy from our feet to our crown, the more we can integrate upgrades. With each chakra activated, kundalini awakening, we change, we grow and we become universally connected beings. Our solar plexus clears and comes online, we become better at understanding and responding to gut feelings. Our instincts sharpen. Third eye chakra activation enables us to tune into psychic senses. We begin to read energy. We also forge clearer communication with our higher self and guides. This may manifest as predictive visions, vivid dreams or awareness of activity in other dimensions. We develop a stronger resonance with our highest frequencies.

We can prepare for this coming tidal wave of love light by allowing Jupiter’s retrograde to teach us what we need to know. A karmic release can overwhelm us, especially when we are struggling to stay upright in high winds of cosmic retrograde. Use nature, soul tribe, creativity, music, and meditation to realign after difficult bouts of emotional release. Seek holistic healing therapies to realign our systems energetically. We can experience problems meditating as the energies pull back preparing for forwarding motion recalibration. Don’t worry about this, there is a rhythm to all we do. For some meditating can take us too high when we need to be grounded. For others, the ability to meditate is clouded or disturbed by the intense release of chaotic karma around us. Using water, swimming, baths, and showers to clear negative energies from our system will refresh and realign us.

Jupiter’s retrograde is underpinning how profound the upgrades coming our way will be. The Mayan Prophesy of Enlightened Unity Consciousness is the quantum transformation we and Gaia are immersed in. We can become active participants, driving our own evolution. We can release, strengthen, balance, clear our minds, bodies, and souls. We can cultivate agility in our minds and bodies. Seek spiritual growth through inner knowledge and outer truth. Increase our psychic abilities through mindfulness, mantras, and meditation, promoting peaceful manifestation. Be guided by universal synchronicities, gut instincts, and third eyesight. Surrender to the moment. Connecting to universal flow will help us navigate Jupiter’s retrograde. Self-care will prepare us for this prolonged pullback of frequencies. It’s cosmic surfing time! Stay protected and tuned into to love vibration. In light and love beautiful people.


I am grounded, I am safe, I am protected.

I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid.

I am one with universal love frequency. Namaste.

By Morag awakening5dhealing

This article Energy Update Jupiter Retrograde was published on awakening3dhealing and it is re-posted here with kind permission.

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