Follow These 15 Morgan Freeman Quotes And Give Your Life A Voice Of Reason

Follow These 15 Morgan Freeman Quotes And Give Your Life A Voice Of Reason

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Morgan Freeman Quotes

Morgan Freeman – the celebrated actor who appears in many well-known movies such as The Shawshank Redemption, Million Dollar Baby, and Seven – has succeeded in conquering the hearts of the young and the old audience. The Academy Award-winning actor whose soothing, thought-provoking voice-overs can often be heard in famous documentaries- is ruling Hollywood. This man is a memory creator because of his outstanding screen presence. He leaves a mark whenever he comes on it.

But this fantastic phase was not following him all the time. He was born in the Jim Crow era South. During that era where racism was rampant, his black skin was a real curse. He was destined to a life of misery, and he probably never dreamed of making it big.

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However, he managed to turn the whole situation around. In 2016 he was recognized as an American icon (an integral part of the American culture). President Barack Obama bestowed him with the National Medal of Arts.

From a life filled with constant struggles, he made it and turned it to a life of glory. He has faced many hard times in his life, and the following 15 quotes showcase it.

These Morgan Freeman Quotes are a high power to stir you from inside.

  1. Kindness in saying creates everlasting love, and in thinking of giving, it creates happiness and profoundness.
  2. Get busy to live or get busy to die.
  3. Let life happen and learn how to be still – that stillness transforms in radiance.
  4. You never know what will happen in the future. When you ask the question, ” Was I always going to be here”? The answer is: “No I was not”.
  5. The best way to fail is to quit.
  6. Always follow your muse. If you see things differently, function that way.
  7. People will step over you if you lay down. But if you keep going there will be someone to give you a hand.
  8. When you have a caged lion and the key to release it, insanity is coasting through life in a miserable existence.
  9. Accept challenges all the time. It is the path that leads to growth.
  10. Be kind to your life. You live it.
  11. Be a miracle if you want to see the miracle.
  12. Wherever it is you are going, that is where you were going to be.
  13. Your choice is your guide. Your fate lies in that.
  14. If you feel like a victim, you are one.
  15. There are no perfect men. There are only excellent intentions.

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  1. How come if a celebrity says it, it’s suddenly quoteworthy and people take it seriously?

    Seriously. So many “nobody’s” have been saying all this SAME stuff forever. Where are their articles and memes?

    F*CK celebrity worship.
    (But I do agree with these.)

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