7 Powerful Crystals For Your Root Chakra

7 Powerful Crystals For Your Root Chakra

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We already know the healing abilities that crystals possess. Crystals were used for this particular purpose for thousands of years.

Moreover, they work excellently in energizing and balancing the various energetic points placed in our bodies, better known as chakras.

The primary chakra is the so-called root chakra. This chakra belongs to the group of the most important chakras. It ensures that a person is grounded in the proper way in the physical world.

One sign of not being grounded in the proper way is frequent daydreaming. Then, it would be the right time to energize and balance the root chakra.

With the seven powerful crystals used for balancing the root chakra, everything is going to be much easier than we probably think.

Crystal therapy was said to be one of the five balancing methods for root chakra. We just need to put the crystals in different areas of our home, in our bedroom or on our root chakra directly.

Here are the seven crystals for balancing our root chakra:


This crystal is very powerful when it comes to fighting negative energies. However, it is even good for balancing our root chakra. This stone resonates with our root chakra, helping it work in the proper way. Because of its potent grounding energy, the obsidian crystal is usually used during meditation or by mediums and psychics. Moreover, it is a healing crystal that helps with digestive problems.

Obsidian is a powerful protection stone. It cleanses our aura and protects us from the negative smog created in our psychic environment. Instead of avoiding the confrontation with our inner dark elements, Obsidian stones heal the darker shades of our character and direct us towards love and light!


This is another excellent grounding stone. However, it can even help in balancing our energetic bodies or auras. The crystal washes off negative energies and blockages present in our aura. It will help us feel in better harmony with physical life too.

Black Agate

The list is going to contain a lot of black stones, as the color black actually resonates with our root chakra, and with grounding too. This particular crystal is quite powerful when it comes to balancing. It will bring a balance between our female and male energies. Moreover, it will heal our root chakra, putting it in balance.


Besides the fact that it is an excellent crystal for balancing the root chakra, the garnet will also fill us with energy and courage. The beautiful stone will boost our levels of energy too. Moreover, it will prepare us to overcome difficult situations and times in our lives.

Black Tourmaline

This crystal is the master in grounding. Moreover, it is a quite powerful protector. This crystal is even quite helpful in the process of cleaning our aura and physical body of negative energies. It will not only absorb such energies, but it will transform them into positive ones.


This is a really powerful stone for balancing. It will bring harmony to our whole being. It will also claim and ground us. Moreover, it will amplify the energies of other grounding and protection stones. And, it is even a strong motivational crystal. In fact, it will encourage us to control our life and achieve abundance as well.

Red Jasper

The red jasper is a stone which grounds us in various situations. The grounding allows us to calm ourselves down and focus on a particular situation. It will even reduce stress, or calm our mind, our physical body, and our emotions too.

Keeping the seven crystals close will be of great importance for harmonious and balanced root chakra. One way of keeping them close would be to wear them as a piece of jewelry. In this way, we can enjoy the vibration and energy of them all day, even when we will not be at home. However, they have to be really close to us even during the night, such as under our mattress.

Red Jasper Stones are the stones of stamina and energy. It revitalizes the soul and body and provides us with the necessary elements to regain the long-lost energy and getting the power to handle unjust situations. It increases ‘chi’ or the life force within us which is why people call it the spirit stones for courage and stability.

Via Soul Travel Rules re-posted here with kind permission.

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