Rescued Kangaroo Shows Her Love For The Volunteers Who Saved Her Life

Rescued Kangaroo Shows Her Love For The Volunteers Who Saved Her Life

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Kangaroos are gentle, affectionate, and sweet animals. They are more vulnerable than they are, and sometimes they appear as human-like in their expressions of emotion. How loving the kangaroos are, show the following example. It happened in 2017, and those moments were uploaded as a series of YouTube videos. On those video clips, you can see how Queen Abi, thirteen-year-old female kangaroo, is giving warm hugs to the people who rescued her. Her act brought attention to kangaroo hunting, which is a severe problem in Australia.

There is a Kangaroo Sanctuary outside Alice Springs, where kangaroos receive specialized care. Many orphaned joeys are taken to the center for rehabilitation, and after that, they are left in the wilderness. Chris Brolga is the founder of the Kangaroo Sanctuary. He opened this important facility because the hospital and the nearest wildlife rescue center was more than 1,500 km away. This nonprofit sanctuary covers 188 acres of land, providing rescue care and tour to visitors as well.

Many animals can be friendly to humans, but Abi’s behavior is particularly unusual. She is hugging those who look after her, which is an outstanding level of contact for the kangaroos. All we know is that kangaroos have long memories, and they create a special relationship with human caregivers. As a condition to create such a relationship is a permanent contact with the animal. Abi lives at a sanctuary for more than a decade. During that time, she gets to know the people around her. She hops wildly to give the caregivers kisses and hugs.

All the kangaroos who live at this facility are very loveable and darling. You can check their Facebook page, and you can notice that Abi is part of a big amazing kangaroo and the human family.

Big money for kangaroo hunting

Australians believe that kangaroos are overpopulated because their natural predators have disappeared over time. Some people consider that their meat is more environmentally-friendly than the other meat. People hunt kangaroos for their leather, meat, and hides, and the kangaroo products create 29 million dollars a year export business funding approximately 4,000 jobs for Australians.

The life at the Bolgra’ s sanctuary shows some opposite situation. When the mother is killed, the life of a joey is highly threatened. They grow slowly, and some of them die early even though that is well nurtured. Both the mother and the little kangaroo should live if we want these species to survive. Those who are against hunting are a minority in Australia, but we believe that Abi’s love will send a robust massage to show why they are worth caring about.

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