Golden Retriever Saves The Life Of A Baby Koala. Prepare For Some Cuteness Overload!

Golden Retriever Saves The Life Of A Baby Koala. Prepare For Some Cuteness Overload!

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baby koalaKerry McKinnon/Caters News

Recently in Strathdownie (Western Victoria), Kerry McKinnon got a surprise from Asha, her golden retriever. The following story would seem impossible for any other dog owner in the world to receive such a surprise.

The temperatures in Western Victoria sometimes can be 41 F in the early hours. And some animals don’t have a fur coat as warm as those to Asha.

“It was early in the morning when my husband called me to come and see something. At first, I didn’t know what he was talking about, but then I saw something snuggled on top of Asha. It was a tiny baby koala.” told Kerry to

” She was happy to let the koala baby snuggled into her, and she wasn’t trying to get it off her.”

Kerry McKinnon/Caters NewsSource: Caters News Agency

It’s a big mystery how this baby koala attached to Asha in the first place. ” I guess that the baby fell out of its mum’s pouch, and then it was wandering all around. The poor creature ended up in our back porch where it saw the dogs, and then it decided to attach to Asha’s fur.”

“Asha’s fur helped to save the baby’s life. Her fur is nice and warm. The baby koala might have frozen to death or could have taken by a fox if left alone all night. When we try to remove it from Asha’s back, it wasn’t easy at all because the koala put up a huge fuss”, said Kerry.

“A vet checked the baby koala, and after that, a local carer took the baby under his care until the moment it can be left back into the wilderness. When we took it from Asha’s back, it hissed at me,” added Kerry.

“We should have left the koala to sleep there all day because this friendship is so uniquely Australian and incredibly amazing.” laughed Kerry.

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