10 Signs That You May Be An Earth Angel And Do Not Know It Yet

10 Signs That You May Be An Earth Angel And Do Not Know It Yet

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Earth Angels are the name given to people who came here in order to share and spread light and even bring positive changes to our planet. They are called with numerous other names, like lightworkers, of which you have probably heard.

These are wonderful people who cannot tolerate hate, violence, or oppression. What they simply desire is living in harmony, resolving the problems which we deal with right now and a lot more. Earth Angels are those that have old souls and desire to renew this planet, bringing new life on it.

Earth Angels don’t fit in today’s modern world quite a lot, but they appear to feel better with older folks who work hard and live their life. They are definitely the happiest, intelligent and selfless people that you are ever going to meet in your life. They are going to do everything it takes in order to provide everyone they encounter with clarity.

How to recognize if you are an Earth Angel? Here are the ten signs which indicate that you are one, and you aren’t even aware of that:

1. Modern ideas are not your favorite.

As we already mentioned, Earth angels are an old soul, so we are not going to explain any further. However, it is more than true!

2. You are spending time outside in nature.

For you, nature is the place you feel most comfortable in. Earth angels value nature, working hard to escape materialism or greed as they possibly can do so.

3. A very strong intuition.

So, you are a person that makes his or her decisions mostly based on your intuition and emotions, instead of logic.

4. The feeling of being called for a higher purpose is constantly present in you.

This feeling happens as you are really called for a higher purpose. This means that you aren’t programmed just like a lot of other people living in the society nowadays are. You always live your life based on your rules, and you follow your path, the one which the spirit guides put right in front of you.

5. You are deeply carrying for other people.

You are a person that always wants to help other people around you overcome their problems. Moreover, your empathy for those you care a lot about is too high. You are prepared to do everything in order to help those that need help.

6. You like spending time in solitude.

Spending some time in solitude will give you the chance to recharge your batteries and rebalance energies. In fact, you can easily become overwhelmed, which means spending some time alone will be essential.

7. You have high sensitivity.

Every single negative thing which happens can have a strong effect on you. Because of this, you need to try to avoid bad news. So, hide this news away from you in order to protect yourself from everything around you.

8. People can talk to you easily.

A lot of people will come to talk with you about their problems, although sometimes they are people who are not even that close to you. However, they feel that talking with you will be the right thing to do.

9. You should keep only several people close.

You find it really hard when it comes to truly opening up to other people, although they feel easier to open themselves up in front of you. You have just a couple of people who you truly trust and want to keep by your side.

10. You are constantly driven.

You are never going to give up, no matter what. You are going to do everything that you can in order to make the difference you want to, and there is nothing that can be strong enough to stop you from your trying.

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