Doctors From Around The World Are Begging People To Stay At Home

Doctors From Around The World Are Begging People To Stay At Home

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The number of infected people with coronavirus is only increasing. Until now, 218,824 people are struggling with the virus. The doctors are left short-handed. The real battle is at the hospitals, where equipment, supplies, and trained doctors are depleting daily.

Without the doctors or other medical workers, the virus will win the battle, for sure. It is very devastating to see how the doctors are begging us to stay at our homes because they don’t have space and forces to cure us all. They are pointing to the ignorant people who can’t stay at home, and they must go out and spend their day outdoor. Well, you people, you should be ashamed of what you do. In a time of the pandemic, you need to do as the government says, not as you like it.

Because they are ignorant people, the doctors united themselves, and they are begging people to stay at home so that they can do their job correctly. Take a look at the situation like while you are sitting on your sofa, wrapped with your favorite blanket, watching a good movie, you are saving someone’s life.

We all need to understand what does mean to stay at home. For that purpose, Dr. Leana Wen, a professor at George Washington University, created a campaign called ‘Stay Home, Save Lives.’

Below you can see how the medical workers, the frontline workers, all around the world, are begging humans to say at their homes and to save lives. Leana Wen said that during these days, we are in the biggest public health crisis. The virus is resistant, but people aren’t hopeless. The best thing, the most powerful weapon against the virus, is to stay at home. If everyone is in their home, the infection can’t spread, and it will die in a certain period.

stay home save lifes
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L. Wen is a part of the campaign called Stay Home, Save Lives, and she is raising awareness of how important staying at home is during these hard times. We need to help our medical workers and make their job easier by sitting in our bed.

According to experts, social distancing is the only way to stop the virus, and we are all responsible for that. People need to change their behavior. The disease has the power to spread fast, and if it continues with this tempo, soon, our system will be overwhelmed, and It will collapse.


stay home save lifes
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A nurse, Ashley Barton, in her post on social media, explains very well why people need to practice social distancing. She is working on the frontline of COVID-19, and it means that she is working on the front line at the door, screening every person what is entering.

Among those people are the ones that are searching for the Emergency Department so that they can be tested for the disease. All of them are asking the same questions over and over again. If you miss one-person positive on the virus, you must leave. It is the same thing as the staff.

But, we tell you to stay at home, not because of you. Don’t be selfish. There is a mother of three undergoing chemotherapy on the Cancer Ward, and she owns zero immune system. Or some baby 30 weeks old, which every single day is a new battle for life, and many other people who had survived a stroke, heart attack, or older people with problems. You must stay at home because of them. All the people from the medical staff have a family at home.

Unfortunately, the doctors need to beg us to stay at our homes. Many people are suggesting what people can do in their homes. For example, there are many exciting books, or you can FaceTime with your friend. Furthermore, you can watch a movie, or even better, series. You can study or learn something new. You will find your routine and stick to it.

Be safe, and stay home!

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