Appreciate the guardian angels working on the front lines.

Appreciate the guardian angels working on the front lines.

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Gratitude can be manifested in various ways. People can say it, which nowadays is very rare, but also can be implied. You can smile at someone to express your gratitude, or to pat on the shoulder, etc.

The world is in a desperate situation, and the implied gratitude is not enough.

In this situation, we want to express sincere gratitude from all the citizens, to the people who are on the forefront fighting against the deadly virus.

Firstly, the gratitude goes to the food market salespersons, who are doing everything in their power to provide the service to the citizens, especially to the vulnerable and distressed. In some places, these people are considered as emergency workers- and rightfully so.

Secondly, thanks to all the medical workers who are at the forefront of the war against the coronavirus. They are working tirelessly during the day and night, having minimal resources. The whole world is aware that medical workers have a lack of staff numbers, equipment, sanitary products, and protective gear. Also, the nurses and doctors are risking their lives to save the patients. Many people who are in critical condition, come in the hospitals, and the medical workers must accept them, no matter of the risks in which they are involved.

Furthermore, we want to express enormous gratitude to all the managers, administrators, coordinators, and all the security workers. Without these people, neither one quarantine will work right.

Also, the cleaners all around the world who sanitize every building, you are courageous, and significant thanks go to you.
Your help is more than needed, and without you, the number of affected people would be enormously higher. The frontlines warriors in this war against the invisible foe. Our opponent has been terrorizing the people for a couple of months so far.
Another gratitude goes to the people who are taking care that the food and other goods are brought safely to the people who are in quarantine.

Furthermore, all the truck drivers and bus drivers are responsible for the transport of goods and people. They are the ones who keep in life our world.

Gratitude is a necessity, but it is not enough.

These thanks and gratitude are showing the real value, and who are the most important people during these tough times.
We, as people, need to understand that crisis should not be necessary to realize that everyone is as important as us. The most poorly paid and ill-treated workers are as important as us. Some of them have even greater contributes to the world than us for our survival.

With this article, we want to show our gratitude and share the message that every single member of the world needs to be treated with the same level of dignity and respect. When this passes, we, as human beings, need to fight to increase the wages of these people and improve their quality of life. Every person deserves decent conditions, and we need to support them.

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