Robert Irwin Breaks Down While Discussing The Impact Of The Australian Bushfires

Robert Irwin Breaks Down While Discussing The Impact Of The Australian Bushfires

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While the whole world is watching how the devastating wildfires are causing catastrophic consequences in Australia from afar, the people who live there are facing a horror in real-time. Firefighters are giving all their best to save as much as possible of the stunning Australian wildlife, but fighting against the blaze, it seems like a severe struggle. Steve Irwin’s son Robert explained the real damage done by the bushfire. Together with his mom, they couldn’t hold back their tears while they were talking about the deadly impact on the koala population. Irwin’s family helped more than 90,000 animals, but still, half a billion are potentially lost.

According to the officials, more than half a billion animals have disappeared in the fires devastating the country. A high number of native and unique animals have been heavily injured or killed. Many volunteers from around the country are trying to help the injured animals with veterinary clinics and zoos. Even though the Australian Zoo Wildlife Hospital is two thousand kilometers away from the fire zone, still its team is in the first frontlines to help the injured animals. Robert and his mother Terri are currently looking after birds, possums, koalas, platypus in the Hospital because they are part of its team.

Both explained to the “Sunrise” that burns and smoke inhalation are frequently happening. In most cases, the animals are escaping to some areas in which they are not supposed to be. It is the reason why many of them are being attacked by domestic animals or getting hit by vehicles. It’s a horrible knock-on effect. “When the koala senses a thread, it tries to reach the top of the tree. Its instinct tells the koala that safety is up.”, said Terri. “Eucalyptus trees have a high concentration of oil, and when they are in touch with fire, they explode like a bomb,” added she. So because of this reason, it’s tough to treat and help the koalas.

The 16-year-old Robert Irwin couldn’t hold back his tears while his mother was explaining the koala’s situation. ” We are trying to do everything possible, but we are aware that the situation is horrific. Our hearts are broken,” explained Terri. “Kangaroos can hop away, but the koalas are slow-moving animals, so there is no chance for them to escape the wildfires.” said the firefighter Damien Campbell-Davys.

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