Study Finds That Kids Raised Without Religion Are Kinder And More Empathetic

Study Finds That Kids Raised Without Religion Are Kinder And More Empathetic

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Three years ago, the University of Chicago made a research on the theme – the connection between non-religious upbringing and kindness. The kids raised with no religion presented more understanding and empathy towards others. This proves that religion is not the one that keeps people together, and will take out the best from you. This survey discovers something different, totally the opposite.

The survey was conducted with the head-professor, Jean Decety. It included kids from 6 countries all over the world. The main thing that they concentrated on was children’s likeliness to share, their habits, judging others, and punishment for bad behavior. The author of The Negative Association Between Religiousness and Children’s Altruism Across the Word, says that the results of this study are very contradictory to the world thinking. The world thinking is that the kids that origin from religious households are better than the others.

The survey was done by giving stickers to the children, and they were told that there are not enough. This was done in order to see which of the children shared. Moreover, they have presented films where kids are pushing between each-other to see and know their reactions. The discovery was unbelievable. Religion will affect the children’s punitive tendencies and will make them more judgmental.

Altruism presents a term defined as a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others, according to the Oxford dictionary. Furthermore, in 1976, there was a published book titled ‘Selfish Gene’ which stated that altruism is a selfish gene. This study is the perfect proof that there is a connection between altruism and deficiency of religion.

People would love more researches based on this theme. The experts suspect that both types of children share some principles in their lives. Those principles can be experienced differently based on worldview.

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