Being an Empath Is Not a Bad Thing — the Positive Side about Your Sensitivity

Being an Empath Is Not a Bad Thing — the Positive Side about Your Sensitivity

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Empaths are generally oversensitive people.  Have you found that life’s darkness was too much to handle? A Facebook post with a hurt animal would have you sobbing like someone you knew had just died. The homeless laying on the street corner brought tears to your eyes and watching a sad movie, Oh well you can just imagine. Does this make you weak? Not by a long shot. Research has shown that these people are in tune with their psychic abilities. It is so important to nurture these traits for they are very rare indeed.

These people often have the capability to be mind readers. They receive psychic messages often in the form of smells, perhaps intense colors — pure aqua or the darkest of red. These are messages to confirm the existence of another dimension to the one most of us are aware of. If these people realize what these messages are and are able to tune into them, the potential would be full-blown ESP.

ESP is a sixth sense also known as second sight. Extrasensory perception.

It doesn’t have to be science fiction for it occurs every day. Some people are more in tune with other people’s body language. You can easily tell if someone is happy or sad, tense or calm. If you had to take this same skill set and focus on it, what would you be able to achieve with practice? I am sure that it would, in this case, be possible to read minds or perhaps upcoming actions.

Been an empath would allow you the ability to judge what people are intending. This would definitely give you the upper hand in situations. You could avoid getting into tricky situations because you would expect it. I would love to have this wisdom and be able to use it in everyday life. Imagine being able to steer clear of an argument because you already have positive solutions to the debate. Peace and Harmony — how delightful. Empaths have the ability to hone in and use these skills, which definitely gives them the upper-hand.

Empaths could use this skill to their own benefit.

There are fewer and fewer people who show emotions, unfortunately, modern society has hardened us all. It must be such a heavy burden to be able to feel others’ pain. Is our own not enough? Yet these people are strong enough to carry this load and use it to help others without blinking an eye. I often wonder how a doctor saves lives and I would faint at the sight or smell of blood. This is a prime example of how you can turn your empathy into a superpower.

If the Empath could analyze perhaps even direct their own emotions it would be a huge benefit to them. Surely this would change the way people communicate with each other. If someone said something to offend you and you had the ability to read into why you were offended and change the way you reacted before speaking — this could be the start of world peace.

Empaths can sense negativity as if it was water falling on them.

This enables them to change their direction and lead them away from trouble. The power to sense that this is not a good space is one huge attribute.

Even something as simple as decorating a room. Picture a dentist’s consultation room. Strange how you always have to wait for your upcoming demise. Ever noticed the pretty paintings, the packs of magazines or the children’s toys stacked in the corner? This is the world of an Empath. Call it a pleasant distraction.

In the situation that a friend has lost everything. You have the task of making them see the light. You could start by using your own experiences as examples of encouragement.

Remember when I was staying in that rented room, never had anything but a bed but look how time has made me grow” point being positive. Perhaps use humor: remember the two plate stove we had to use, remember how it burnt everything? I was quite the chef wasn’t I? were we ever hungry?

Perhaps a small gift, some beautiful flowers just for her, or a box of chocolates for him. Surely this person can feel your love.

Not only are Empaths oversensitive to emotions but they are also burdened with other senses. The empath is the only one with the skin that is irritated by the chemicals used on the office desk. The sensitivity to scratchy materials. The sufferer of IBS which by the way has no medical substance. Ever seen an Empath deal with the dog poop, it is hysterical. Once again this does not make them weak, just sensitive.

The Empath is the chef, in tune with the fusion of flavor, he is the Perfumer, no one can smell better. For she is the campaigner in the fight against chemicals and she is the Zen gardener for she requires a quiet space. They are the creators of the beautiful spaces in the urban jungle, they are masters of peace and tranquility.

Weak they are not, they are just sensitive.

By Theresa

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