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Evidence Showing That Ramayana Was a Real Historical Event, and Not Only an Epic Which We All Know

We have all heard about the Ramayana, which is the famous epic from the ancient Hindu tradition, and said to be in the Sanskrit language, written by Sage ...
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10 Signs That You May Be An Earth Angel And Do Not Know It Yet

earth angel
Old Soul Spirituality
Earth Angels are the name given to people who came here in order to share and spread light and even bring positive changes to our planet. They are ...
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Do This Exercise With Your Hands, To Balance Your Emotions and Boost Your Energy.

If you don’t know, there is one ancient Japanese type of touch therapy, called Jin Shin Jyutsu, which you may perform on your own self, in order to ...
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Inside The Evil Mind Of Narcissistic People and Their World Of Illusions

By Valentina Photos
Narcissistic people are everywhere around us. For example, you are exercising near them in some park; you lead a conversation in the supermarket, you also worship together at ...
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How Can You Constantly Be Spiritually Connected?

Every person needs to look in its personal self-sense in order to be connected spiritually, regardless of the fact if he or she follows the traditional religion or ...
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Protecting Sacred Sites: The Legend of the ‘Devils Marbles’ Also Known as Karlu Karlu

Karlu Karlu
Also called Karlu Karlu ‘Big Boulders,’ the ‘Devils Marbles’ is one Australian area which is full of hundreds round stones or also called boulders, with diameters of 1.5 ...
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Spiritual Bypassing: What It Is, Which Are the Signs Indicating It and How to Stop Falling In It?

spiritual bypassing
The journey through spiritual growth can change our lives. It has the ability to make us happier, or healthier, or even better connected and feeling safe. Finally, it ...
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Karma — The Law of Cause and Effect: How to Clear It and What We Have to Understand About It

Self-Esteem Spirituality
Karma is definitely not a thing which can be seen physically, but every one of us possesses it. It is unique and authentic just like every person is, ...
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What Kind of People Are the Ones Called ‘Old Souls’? These Are the Five Things Which Only They Can Understand!

old souls
Old Soul
When we say for a person that he or she is an old soul, it means that life may be quite a different experience for them. You are ...
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What Powers Long Hair Give Us, According to Legends and Scientific Evidence?

long hair
Self-Esteem Spirituality
Every single thing in our human bodies has its own purpose, so it is not a coincidence that the hair that grows on our head is growing longer ...
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