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Appreciate the guardian angels working on the front lines.

guardian angels
Inspiring Stories
Gratitude can be manifested in various ways. People can say it, which nowadays is very rare, but also can be implied. You can smile at someone to express ...
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Magnificent New Beginnings On Our Way With The New Moon This Week

new moon
Inspiring Stories Spirituality
The Aries New Moon is the best opportunity for manifesting, setting goals, and planting seeds. Aries supports and helps the new beginnings. This zodiac sign represents the start ...
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Doctors From Around The World Are Begging People To Stay At Home

stay home stay safe
Inspiring Stories
The number of infected people with coronavirus is only increasing. Until now, 218,824 people are struggling with the virus. The doctors are left short-handed. The real battle is ...
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Don’t You Dare Lie To An Empath — They Are Human Lie Detectors

If you didn’t know, empaths are the most gifted people in the world. They can take the emotions of others. Also, they can heal people that are closest ...
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Monday’s Spectacular Full Moon Opens The Portal To New Energy Waves

full moon
The Full Moon of March opens the portal to new energy waves. With the Super Moon in the sign of Virgo, which will happen on the 9th of ...
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Study Says ‘Microdosers’ Of LSD And Magic Mushrooms Are Wiser And More Creative

LSD and magic mushrooms
Nature Spirituality
(By: The Conversation): We just ran the first ever pre-registered scientific study on the microdosing of psychedelics and found some very promising results. We compared people who microdose — that ...
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8 Cautionary Signs You’re Dealing With a Destructive, Evil Person

evil person
We can define evil, but it is hard to pin down. Evil is something that we hear about from the start of our lives, in forms of villains, the evil ...
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Film Companies Had To Hire Homeless People If They Wanted To Book Robin Williams

robin williams
Empath Inspiring Stories
Just as classic, also being humane and kind is always fancy. It doesn’t matter how corruption, evil, and fake has taken over society. If you are humane and ...
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Pisces’ New Moon Today Brings You Pure Magic — the Most Powerful Healing of the Year!

new moon pisces
New moons start the next lunar cycle, and usually seeds planted under the new moon come into full bloom in six months’ time. February 23rd brings the New ...
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Man Stumbles Upon Baby Bears ‘Dancing’ In Forest, Thinks He’s Imagining It

dancing baby bears
Inspiring Stories Nature Relationships
Physical education teacher Valtteri Mulkahainen from Sotkamo, Finland, has been devoting a lot of his free time to photography. For the past six years, Valtteri has been shooting ...
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